In original was the saying and the saying was toward the God and God was the saying.
This was in original toward the God.
All thru same became and apart-from same became not-yet one which has-become.
In same life was and the life was the light of-the humans.
And the light in the darkness is-appearing and the darkness it not down-got.
Became human having-been-commissioned beside God name to-him John.

This-one came into witness that he-should-be-witnessing about the light that all should-be-believing thru same.
Not was that-one the light but that he-should-be-witnessing about the light.
It-was the light the true which is-lightening every human coming into the system.
In the system he-was and the system thru same became and the system Him not knew.
Into the own He-came and the own-ones Him not beside-got.
As-many-as yet got Him He-gives to-them authority offsprings of-God to-be-becoming to-the ones-believing into the name of-Him.
Who not out of-bloods not-yet out of-will of-flesh not-yet out of-will of-man but out of-God were-generated.
And the saying flesh became and booths in us and we-gaze the esteem of-Him esteem as of-only-generated beside father full of-grace and truth.
John is-witnessing about Him and he-has-cried saying this-one was whom I-said the-one behind me coming in-toward-place of-me has-become that before-most of-me He-was.
And out of-the filling of-him we all got and grace instead of-grace.
That the law thru Moses was-given the grace and the truth thru Jesus anointed became.
God not-yet-one has-seen ?-as-?-when the only-generated son the one-being into the bosom of-the father that-one unfolds.
And this is the witness of-the John when commission the juda-ans out of-Jerusalem sacred-ones and Levites that they-should-be-asking Him you any are.
And he-avows and not disowns and avows that not am I the anointed.
And they-ask him any then Elias are you and He-is-saying not I-am the before-averer are you and He-answered not.
They-said then to-him any you-are that answer we-may-be-giving to-the ones-sending us any you-are-saying about yourself.
He-averred I sound of-imploring-one in the desolate straighten-ye the way of-master according-as said Isaiah the before-averer.
And the ones-having-been-commissioned were out of-the Pharisees.
And they-ask him and said to-him any then you-are-dipizing if you not are the anointed not-besides Elias not-besides the before-averer.
Answered to-them the John saying I am-dipizing in water midst yet of-you has-stood whom you not have-perceived.
He is the-one behind me coming who in-toward-place of-me has-become of-whom I not am worthy that I-should-be-loosing of-Him the strap of-the sandal.
These-things in Bethabara became other-side of-the Jordan the-?-where was John dipizing.
To-the on-morrow is-looking the John the Jesus coming toward him and is-saying be-perceiving the lamb of-the God the one-lifting the missing of-the system.
This is about whom i said behind of-me is-coming man who in-toward-place of-me has-become that before-most of-me He-was.
And-I not had-perceived Him but that may-be-being-made-appear to-the Israel thru this came I in the water dipizing.
And witnesses John saying that I-have-gazed the spirit down-stepping as-if dove out of-heaven and it-remains on Him.
And-I not had-perceived Him but the One-sending me to-be-dipizing in water that-One to-me said on whom ever you-may-be-perceiving the spirit down-stepping and remaining on Him this is the One-dipizing in spirit holy.
And-I have-seen and have-witnessed that This is the son of-the God.
To-the on-morrow again had-stood the John and out of-the learners of-him two.
And in-looking to-the Jesus about-treading he-is-saying be-perceiving the lamb of-the God.

And hear
of-him the two learners talking and they-follow to-the Jesus.
Being-turned yet the Jesus and gazing them following He-is-saying to-them any ye-are-seeking the-ones yet said to-Him Rabbi which is-being-said being-translated teacher ! ?-where You-are-remaining.
He-is-saying to-them be-coming and be perceiving they-came and perceived ?-where He-is-remaining and beside Him they-remain the day that hour yet was as tenth.

Was Andrew the brother of-Simon Peter one out of-the two of-the ones-hearing beside John and of-following to-Him.
Is-finding this-one before-most the brother the own Simon and is-saying to him we-have-found the Messiah which is being-after-translated the Anointed.
And he-led him toward the Jesus in-looking yet to-him the Jesus said you are Simon the son of-Jona (Hebrew dove) you shall-be-being-called Cephas which is-being-translated Peter.
To-the on-morrow wills the Jesus  to-be-out-coming into the Galilee and He-is-finding Philip and is-saying to-him be-following to-Me.
Was yet the Philip from Bethsaida out of-the city of-Andrew and Peter.
Is-finding Philip the Nathanael and he-is-saying to-him whom writes Moses in the law and the before-averers we-have-found Jesus the son of-the Joseph the-One from Nazareth.
And said to-him Nathanael out of-Nazareth is-able any good to-be is-saying to-him Philip be-coming and be-perceiving.
Perceived the Jesus the Nathanael coming toward Him and he-is-saying about him be-perceiving truly israelite in whom fraud not is.
Is-saying to-him Nathanael ?-which-place me you-are-knowing answered the Jesus and said to-him before the you Philip to-sound being under the fig-tree I-perceived you.
Answered Nathanael and is-saying to Him Rabbi you are the son of-the God you are the King of-the Israel.
Answered Jesus and said to-him that I-said to-you I-perceived you under-down of-the fig-tree you-are-believing greater of-these you-sall-be-viewing.
And He-is-saying to-him Amen Amen I-am-saying to-you from at-present ye-shall-be-viewing the heaven having-up-opened and the messengers of-the God up-stepping and down-stepping on the son of-the human.